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Keeping a Construction Project under Budget

Thomas Jurbala, Las Vegas

Senior living developer Thomas Jurbala serves as the director of senior housing for the Calida Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. Possessing more than two decades of experience in the field, Thomas Jurbala of Las Vegas has developed, built, and operated dozens of senior living communities on the West Coast.

An important part of completing a successful construction project is staying within budget. Here are a few ways to keep a construction project under budget:

- Plan enough time. Staying under budget involves creating a realistic timetable. Proper timing promotes the development of a realistic budget. When a project lasts longer than its expected time, additional costs can surpass the agreed-upon budget.

- Hire the right team. Construction teams play a huge role in keeping projects under budget. Hiring the right team prevents project delays that result from having to search for new team members. A proper team works together efficiently to finish a project safely and on time.

- Complete budget reviews. Monthly budget reviews help project managers keep their costs in check. Budget reviews help managers see issues that may drain resources, which allows managers to make adjustments before major problems occur. Budget reviews also give project managers a better idea of how money is being used and where costs may be cut.

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